Cigarettes have always been taxed, but in the past 10 years the tobacco taxes have risen through the roof.   The government loves that “sin tax” on products like tobacco, alcohol and other things that we enjoy but don’t need.   In 1993 the national average price for a pack of cigarettes was $1.69!   In 2007 the national average was $4.34.  

As we roll into 2017 its absolutely crazy some of the prices on cigarettes across the country.   Take New York for instance at about $14.50 per pack, Illinois at $12, and 10 other states above $8 per pack!   Even if you live in an area with the lowest tax rates (KY, ND, WV, OK, ID) you are still paying a good $5 per pack.

For comparison purposes, lets say you smoke one pack a day at $4.96 pack which is about the lowest price in the nation!

A year of smoking tobacco cigarettes will cost you about $1800.   That would be 7.300 cigarettes smoked at a price of $.248 per cigarette, about a quarter per cigarette.

Your cigarette-style ecigs have nicotine cartridges / cartomisers which will deliver about 200-400 puffs per ml of eliquid.   That means a small ecig “30 mm cartomiser” containing 0.7 ml of liquid will tend to deliver about 210 puffs (close to smoking 23 cigarettes) and a “50 mm cartomiser” containing about 1.5 ml of eliquid will deliver about 450 puffs, or about 50 tobacco cigarettes.

Prices on cartridges vary quite a bit between suppliers, but for example:

v2-cartridgesV2 Regular cartridge (40 pack for $68)

.6ml which works out to be 180 Puffs (apx 20 tobacco cigarettes) for $1.70
That is about 8.5 cents per “cigarette” x 7,300 smoked a year = $620.50 versus $1800 for tobacco cigarettes.
YOU SAVE OVER $1100 over a years time!

V2 EX has cartridge (40 pack for $94)
has 1.2ml which works out to be 260 Puffs. (apx 29 tobacco cigarettes) for $2.35
That is about 8.1 cents per “cigarette” x 7,300 smoked a year = $591.30 versus $1800 for tobacco cigarettes.
YOU SAVE OVER $1200 over a years time!

v2-red-eliquidIf you purchase an eCig system which uses a tanker type system that you can refill, the savings are even higher.   A pack a day smoker will use about one cartridge per day (.6ml) so a years worth of eLiquid is about 219ml (.6ml x 365 days).  

You can purchase 50ml eLiquid bottles for about $17-$20 each from just about all the suppliers.   Five bottles is 250ml, a years worth based on a pack a day smoker at .6ml per day…for about $100!   Granted you have evaporation and some residual eLiquid that remains in the filter and unit, but even if you double that cost its still a tremendous cost savings to you to switch to an electronic cigarette system!

YES, you will save quite a bit of money!   If you smoke a pack of tobacco cigarettes a day then you can almost expect to save over $1,000 per year using an electronic cigarette system instead.    That can send you on nice vacation, make a couple house payments, or just cash in the bank for a rainy day.