V2 PRO Series 3 Review

The V2 Pro Series is a mini vaporizer from VMR Products, also known as V2. This pen style vaporizer handles e-liquids like a dream.  It also has cartridge attachments to handle essential oils, wax and loose-leaf tobacco as well.  This is truly a versatile portable vaporizer with lots of potential.


4.8 out of 5 stars


4.5 out of 5 stars


4.3 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars


4 out of 5 stars


4.5 out of 5 stars



The V2 PRO has a 650mAh battery which is more than twice what you normally have in the traditional size ecig. I was having quite a bit of fun trying different tobacco’s and eLiquids during the testing of the V2 Pro. So much fun that I ran the battery down several times and had to recharge twice in one day. While the V2 PRO has a powerful battery, the loose leaf tobacco cartridge does take much more power out of the battery than the eLiquid cartridge. The recharge time was about 3 hours.

The V2 PRO can be used while its charging which is a really nice feature, but the downside is a very short cord. Most people have their computers on the floor or several feet away from them on their desk. The cord on the charger is only 32 inches, just under 3 feet, which is not enough to make it comfortable to use while charging unless your USB ports are directly in front of you. The other downside is the battery is not removable or replaceable like some brands we have tested. All batteries fail at some point and there is no way to replace the battery in the V2 PRO Series 3. We can only hope that they improve on the cord length and offer a replaceable battery in the next models to be released. Because I was unable to switch to a backup battery and charge the other, I basically had to wait 3 hours to charge or lean down by my computer USB ports to take a puff.

Even with the short cord and no battery replacement feature, there are good qualities to the battery in the V2 PRO. While testing the vaporizer with eLiquid I enjoyed several hours of heavy use before I had to recharge. It lasted all morning from about 5am until around 3pm that afternoon. Then I had to connect the charger…and realized the cord was rather short. At 5pm I was done working and ready to head home. While it only had about 2 hours charge at that point, it lasted the rest of the evening without any problem. Around 10pm it was returned to the charger as I headed into the weekend.

Yeah! Saturday! No work and a good day to play around with loose leaf tobacco. It was nice to be able to try a several different tobacco types in the same unit. Cigarette tobacco, Pipe tobacco, Mint Tea leaves (yea..I was having fun!) and even some Hookah tobacco that I had dried out a little because it is normally very wet. Battery life was about half using the loose leaf cartridge. The high demand for power to vaporize at such a high temperature is certainly the reason for the decreased battery life. In all, the V2 Pro is a great way to get started with a personal vapor unit that provides a super powered eLiquid vapor system and allows you to play around with vaporizing tobacco leaf (among other things) without having to carry a huge vaporizer around.


Welcome to the Web’s number one source for quality e-liquid!  Seriously, V2 offers a ton of different eLiquid flavors for use with their V2 Pro and other refillable ecig products.  As of 10/2016 they have over 70 different flavors including some brands not readily available in the USA.  Black Note, XEO, Cosmic Fog, Vape Bartender, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Ripe Vapes, MYLK, and even Zig-Zag’s eliquid collection!

Our flavor review covers only three of the flavors offered, the Red (similar to Marlboro), Menthol, and the Vanilla. The other flavors we hope to try at a later date when V2 sends us more samples.

The V2 Red eLiquid has a rich tobacco flavor with a little bit of sweetness. It reminded me of the flavor you get when you puff on a Marlboro cigarette which was not lit yet. A fresh and tasty tobacco flavor with no burnt aroma or bitter aftertaste. It was pleasurable to smoke and even produced a vapor thick enough for me to make good solid smoke rings.

V2 Menthol eLiquid Nicotine ecig Refill 25For some reason, Menthol seems to be a hard flavor for eCig companies to master. Some are minty, some are peppermint tasting or has hints of spearmint flavor with the menthol. Where menthol was originally added to cigarettes to provide a cool and soothing sensation when smoking, most companies pair the menthol up with different recipes of mints to give some added flavor. The V2 Menthol has a nice smooth vapor with a minty taste. It did not have that peppermint or spearmint taste to it, which made me happy. For those who do like Peppermint, V2 also has a Peppermint eLiquid. So whichever you prefer, menthol mint or peppermint, V2 surely has the smoker covered on both ends of the spectrum. The vapor production was good and just as thick as I experienced with the Red / tobacco eLiquid they offer.

There are a ton of vanilla eLiquids on the market and many have that imitation vanilla taste to them. V2 really stands out from the crowd with their Vanilla eLiquid. Its a sweet, creamy and smooth tasting vapor that makes you want to take another puff. If you close your eyes and inhale, you can almost imagine yourself standing in the middle of a fancy bakeshop with the aroma of homemade vanilla icing all around. Yes, its that good!

Overall, the nicotine hit was solid from all three flavors and left me satisfied after a few puffs on the 1.8% solution. They also have a 2.4% which would probably send my head spinning because the 1.8% was more than enough. Their eLiquid is not diluted down like some of the generic eLiquid flavors now showing up in gas stations and mini-stores everywhere.   Whether you are interested in slowly adjusting your nicotine intake lower, or are happy staying at one strength, you will find the flavors and nicotine levels that you want at V2.


The V2 Pro Series 3 was a nice step up from the regular “cigarette size” ecigs commonly reviewed.   The vapor production was very smooth and satisfying.   Along with the extra vapor production we noticed better flavor production and quicker delivery of the nicotine.

Recently V2 added some nice indicators on their website.  Every eLiquid now show the sweetness, throat hit, tobacco taste and the type of blend being PG, VG or a combination of both.


That makes it really easy to find the flavor eLiquid with the throat hit you desire!


During weeks of testing the V2 Pro worked flawlessly, so we did not have the opportunity to try a warranty exchange. But we did give their customer support a little run around with many questions about using the device.

There was very little wait time on hold and their operators were pleasant and supportive on the phone. That really was no surprise because the same company that makes the V2 Pro also makes the regular V2 cigs and Vapor Couture ecigs for women which we also reviewed in the past and experienced great support.

The warranty covers original purchases direct from V2 online. If you purchased your V2 PRO in a store, then you need to take the unit back to the store you purchased from and they will handle the warranty.

Standard warranty is SIX months from the date of purchase and does not cover cartridges. (For sanitary reasons obviously, ecig companies normally do not accept cartridges back for any reason) Most of the other vaporizers we have reviewed have a 1 year warranty, so V2 is a little lacking in their warranty on the Pro Series. Given the level of support the company always extends on the phone, if anything were to go wrong in the first 6 months we are confident you would receive timely support from V2.

Toll free number 1-877-37-VAPOR (1-877-378-2767)
Monday – Friday: 10:00AM – 11:00PM EST / Saturday – Sunday: 11:00AM – 5:00PM EST
Email Inquiries: v2support@v2cigs.com


The V2 Pro Series 3 prices in at $69.99 (Nov 2016 prices). Most standard ecig starter kits cost about $50-60 on average and have much smaller batteries and less features. When you buy the V2 Pro you are making more of an investment into a high quality vaporizer which is capable of not only eLiquid, but also loose tobacco, essential oils and waxes. Some of the features of the V2 are not found on any other device (yet), like the magnetic snap together system which is the absolute best way to charge your ecig…no more threaded batteries!

Your cost is more for the device than all the ‘extras’ you see with other ecig kits. With the ecig kits you normally get cartridges with the unit. When you purchase the V2 Pro you have the eLiquid cartrdige and the option to also order the loose tobacco cartridge, and soon the essential oils cartridge, then the option to buy eLiquids from V2 at a discount with your order. The V2 Pro Series 3 with one 25ml bottle of eLiquid will cost you around $87 before any discounts. (In comparison to other brands; Volcano Inferno runs about $79 with a smaller 15ml bottle. In that respect, the prices are in line with direct competitors.)

The amount of money you will save by refilling your V2 Pro will quickly make that $87 investment worthwhile. The 25ml eLiquid bottle can refill your vaporizer at least 12 times with well over 600 puffs per fill up! In vaping time, that would be hundreds of dollars worth of tobacco cigarettes.

For those wanting more vapor and flavor than what you can get out of a little ecig, the V2 Pro is a good step up for performance and value. You will get more vapor production, better tasting vapor and more than double the battery life when compared to a cigarette size ecig.


For the past several months we have been enjoying the V2 Pro samples sent out by V2 for our review. What really makes the V2 PRO vaporizer stand out is the magnetic connections. Everything snaps together which means no more fumbling with trying to screw your ecig into a threaded connection to charge it! The eLiquid canister is just as easy to use and magnetically snaps into place and holds perfectly.

But the real pleasure is actually using the V2 PRO! From the start you will notice tons of thick vapor are produced by this vaporizer that weighs less than 2 ounces. The engineering behind this vaporizer is superb where everything interlocks magnetically while boasting a sleek lightweight design typically not found in a thin vaporizer. If regular ecigs don’t last long enough and you want to step up into a professional vaping device, V2 PRO is certainly worth considering. Because it was not as large as other vaporizers in its class, even the ladies on our review panel enjoyed using it.


BATTERY LIFE: 4.8 out of 5 stars 4.75
FLAVOR/TASTE 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.50
THROAT HIT 4.3 out of 5 stars 4.25
WARRANTY 5 out of 5 stars 5.00
PRICE/VALUE 4 out of 5 stars 4.00
TOTAL 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.50

I love the magnetic connections on the battery and cartridges.   Battery life was decent for its size, but I wish the power cord was longer.  For the price, the V2 PRO really shines in comparison to other brands because it is not much more money than a regular ecig, but you have double the battery power, interchangeable cartridges and lightweight design. 


VaporCigarettes.com Panelist

I tend to have bad luck with electronics, but the V2 Series 3 worked perfectly for me during my week of testing.  In fact, it was easier to use because all the parts are magnetic.  For me, warranty is always a concern so I wish this unit had a 1-year like its competitors have.

Given the quality I experienced I would still purchase one even with the shorter 6-month warranty.  It is a nice product!


VaporCigarettes.com Panelist

I really enjoyed the V2 Vanilla flavored ecig liquid.  It was more of a natural vanilla flavor than many I have reviewed.  The Menthol was fresh and exhilarating tasting with a pleasant minty aftertaste.  The vapor production was very nice and it felt like I was smoking a real cigarette.   Overall I was very satisfied with the eLiquids offered by V2. 

Another thing to point out is they use child-proof caps on their eLiquid refills.  To me this is very important because like any medicine or drug, nicotine can be dangerous to children.  V2 takes the extra steps to help maintain safety, including full disclosure of their ingredients and batch testing for every eLiquid bottle sold.  You don’t find that with most other ecig companies!


VaporCigarettes.com Panelist

I was surprised to see that the V2 Pro was not much more expensive than a regular ecig starter kit.   Just the battery life alone being more than twice what you have in the little ecigs makes this a worthwhile investment.   Plus you save a ton of money refilling the cartridge instead of buying new ones and waiting on delivery.   Another nice thing with refillable cartridges is you can experiment with the flavorings.   Put a couple drops of the chocolate eLiquid in with the Vanilla and you have a whole new flavor experience.   If you want to vaporize regular tobacco, the V2 Pro can do that too with its loose leaf tobacco cartridge.   V2 Pro is a very versatile system at a reasonable price.


VaporCigarettes.com Panelist


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