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SmokeTip eCigs Review

Most e-cigarette companies offer a range of starter kits to suit a customers budget, but SmokeTip does things a little differently. They market a base kit containing the basic needed accessories and then let you order everything ala carte.  

When you visit the SmokeTip website you will notice it is not the most impressive or flashy website when compared to other ecig brands. Their marketing strategy isn’t nearly as aggressive as that of other big electronic cigarette brands out there, but they have been around for a very long time and remain a very popular e-cig choice. But just because they don’t have a flashy and sophisticated image doesn’t mean the products are necessarily subpar. Let’s take a deeper look into this e-cigarette brand and see what our review panel has to say:

SmokeTip eCigs Battery Details & Life

I am not a real heavy smoker so the SmokeTip ecig worked out just fine for me.  The battery life was acceptable but I did have to charge up once during the day.  This would be a nice starter kit for folks who smoke under a pack a day.

Tammy Panelist

smoketip ecig battery reviewSmokeTip only offers the regular size automatic batteries.  These batteries are the basic 180mAh type which will yield about 150 puffs before needing to be charged.  Batteries this size are not going to hold you for very long so it is necessary to have a few spare batteries on charge at all times if you are a heavy smoker.  There is a new 350mAh battery released, but we did not have the opportunity to test it yet.  Based on the 350mAh rating, one can generally expect a good 300 puffs before a charge is needed.

Our experience with the SmokeTip battery was just as expected, about 3 hours of regular use before it needed to be recharged.   Even with the most advanced battery technology, there is not much physical space to support more than a few hours of power in this size battery.  The battery was not bad, just average and on par with most brands batteries this size.

It was easy to thread the cartridge onto the SmokeTip battery.   The threads were very easy to match up, unlike a few brands we have tested over the years which sometimes felt like you were going to cross-thread the battery and ruin it.   Overall we were pleased with the battery on the SmokeTip ecig.  We look forward to trying out the high capacity 350mAh battery with our next review.

SmokeTip eCigs Warranty & Support

SmokeTip has a very unique warranty. If your ecig battery stops working properly, Smoketip will send you a replacement battery…FREE…with your next cartridge order.  That deal is for life!  Nobody else has that kind of deal!

When you purchase three or more packs of  ten SmokeTip ecig cartridges, or 10 refill bottles of their SmokeTank Liquid, you will receive a FREE BATTERY with your order.  After a few months you will have so many spare batteries that you never have to worry about a dead or worn out battery again.   There really is no other “working” part on the eCig because you replace the cartridges on a regular basis when they are spent. Outside of the charging system which they give a 90 day warranty.

If by chance that is just not good enough and you really need to exchange, then you can contact SmokeTip for a warranty replacement using their online RMA application.

Toll free number: (855) 766-5384

The support staff at SmokeTip cigs is easy to reach online, but we did experience a little trouble reaching them by phone at odd hours. They claim 24/7 assistance, but it was easier to reach them during normal business hours. While they do not have a direct email for support, they do have a contact form on their website for support and a toll free number.

Considering there are only two parts to the SmokeTip ecig, the battery and the cartridge, you really cannot go wrong with the free battery deal.  Who would ever need a warranty claim when you have new equipment on hand all the time?!

I am impressed by the free battery with every 30pk of cartridges purchased.   This is a great way that SmokeTip rewards for customer loyalty while also making sure you always have a working battery on hand.  Other ecig companies charge $9 or more for a replacement that SmokeTip gives you for free!

Anthony Panelist

SmokeTip Nicotine Cartridge Flavors & Taste Review

SmokeTip offers a wide selection of flavored cartridges.  The traditional tobacco (Cowboy) was very good and satisfying to smoke.  I also tried the Clove now that you cannot buy clove cigarettes anymore.  I was pleased with the flavor and the vapor production.

Dave Panelist

It was easy to draw with the SmokeTip.  One of the nice features of this brand is the choice between a hard tip cartridge and a soft tip. Once you use a soft tip cartridge its hard to go back to a hard piece of plastic found in most other brands.  Unlike some other e-cigs, this brand does not emit a distracting, crackling noise when used.  It seems to heat the eLiquid a little slower which prevents the ‘pops’ that other brands have issues with.

In addition to the SmokeTip Regular & Menthol flavors, there is a huge selection of 21 FLAVORS TO CHOOSE FROM on the refill webpage. You will find that atomized cartridges for your SmokeTip comes in various strengths like 16mg, 12mg, 6mg or 0mg of nicotine.  The vapor has a very pleasant and interesting taste which is not too strong or bold, but very subtle and enhances the experience. Again, this is probably contributed to the slower heating of the eLiquid cartridges. The capacity of the cartridges is 250 puffs per unit, equal to about 1.25 packs of traditional cigarettes.

During testing the tobacco flavor was excellent and we were able to exhale a nice volume of vapor that appeared very similar to actual cigarette smoke. Because of the slower heat rate, the smoke density did appear to be lighter/thinner than most ecigs. Not everyone likes a real heavy smoke so this ecig would surely appeal to those wanting a lighter looking cloud of vapor without a harsh hit to the throat. The tobacco flavor is authentic and reminiscent of some of the other brands that we have reviewed. The SmokeTip vapor lacks harshness but in spite of its mild taste, it impacts your throat in just the right way.

SmokeTip eCigs Price and Value Review

SmokeTip offers a starter kit for $59 which includes just about everything you need to get started.   Not only do you get a USB charger, they also include a wall charger which some brands don’t include with the base starter kit.   Then they add in two batteries and five cartridges in your choice of flavor.

Similar starter kit packages from their competitors like Volcano and V2 are in the same price range.

With the base prices being the same as their competitors we decided to dig a little deeper and compare the cartridge prices.   SmokeTip sells their cartridges in 10-packs for $19.95 ($1.995 each).    Volcano is $9.99 per 5-pack and V2 comes in at $9.95 which works out to be about the same price per cartridge.

Chart of the smoketip ecig flavorsSmokeTip offers an economically priced ecig starter kit with flavor options not found in their competitors kits.   What really sets this brand above the competitors is the soft tip cartridges and the 21 flavors.  

They give you a free battery with every 30 cartridges which is a deal that NOBODY offers.  

The sad part is many who shop by price may just overlook this brand because its the same price as several other ecig brands.  But once you look closely at the features you will see SmokeTip has quite a bit of long-term value.

SmokeTip had me at the “free battery” with every 30 cartridges!  The battery is the core component of every ecig that usually causes problems.  With SmokeTip you practically get a whole new ecig with every order.  Impressive way to reward customer loyalty!

Marcy Panelist