NuvoCig Electronic Cigarette Deluxe Kit

The Deluxe Cigarette Kit comes with everything you need to get enjoying the Nuvo Cig E Smoking experience, plus some e cigarette extras:

  •  1 pack of electronic cigarette cartomizers (5 electronic cigarette cartomizers per pack) You Choose the Flavor and the Strength.
  •  2 standard electronic cigarette batteries
  •  USB charger and wall charger.


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Product Description

NuvoCig Electronic Cigarette Deluxe Kit:

The Nuvo Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit allows you to choose your own cartomizer flavor, as well as the nicotine level.

Dial Down Your Nicotine Use

Different people use different devices and/or methods to stop smoking. NuvoCig is meant to be an alternative to traditional smoking, not necessarily a smoking cessation device. However, many people have used it and electronic smoking to aid in their efforts to stop smoking. We do supply electronic cigarette cartomizers with staggered levels of nicotine, including non-nicotine, so that users have the opportunity to remove their nicotine intake completely while satisfying the other habitual desires of smoking. Please keep in mind that NuvoCig has not been laboratory tested to be qualified as a smoking cessation device.

How Much Nicotine is in Each Strength?

There are 5 levels of nicotine strength in Nuvo electronic cigarette cartomizers: Super High (36mg of nicotine), High (24mg of nicotine), Medium (18mg), Light (12mg) and Non-Nicotine (0mg). For reference, a High e cigarette cartomizer gives about the same amount of nicotine as a regular cigarette, and contains almost as much nicotine as found in a regular pack of cigarettes.



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