iJoy Asolo 200w Temperature Control Mod

Forged from a solid aluminum billet and machined to exacting tolerances, the iJoy Asolo 200w is what you buy when you’re ready to quit messing around and go hard. Here’s why: The iJoy Asolo is capable of placing a 192.5 watt RMS load on a 0.3Ω build, and the iJoy website has oscilloscope data to prove it: http://www.ijoycig.com/asolo/asolo.html#

What does that mean? That means the iJoy Asolo puts out real 200 watt power; other mods in this price range claim 200w as an upper limit, but real-world operation won’t find the mod getting near that output.


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Product Description

iJoy Asolo 200w Temperature Control Mod:

Temperature control on the Asolo is equally no-nonsense, with a level of regulation that will give you peace of mind. The iJoy-branded temp control chip identifies nickel, titanium or Kanthal coils and then lets you determine the temperature control mode you wish to use. It even has a “temperature regulation” mode for Kanthal coils that will take your desired wattage setting and drop it down when you’re reaching a temperature threshold.

Here’s the bottom line: The Asolo 200w is a future-proof high end mod that offers mounds of power and delicate control in an overbuilt chassis. It’s worth twice as much as its asking price.

Specs and features:

OLED Screen
90mm x 50mm x 24mm
98% efficiency
Input Current:1A~60A
Temperature Range:300°F~600°F
Temperature Resistance Range:0.15ohm~2.5ohm
Output Current:1.0A~35A
Output Voltage:1.0Volts~7.5Volts
Output Power:5watts~200watts
510 threaded spring loaded copper connection
Chip: Model IW 200TC-V01
Full protection suite


Integrated LitPo Battery


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