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Metro eCigs Review

Metro ecigs are found in over 15,000 locations like Pilot service centers, Kroger, Albertson’s and other stores.   Metro is owned by Nicotec, LLC which is based in Wheat Ridge, CO.  They have regional offices in Knoxville, TN and Scottsdale, AZ.   

Metro ecigs are cheaper than most of the brands on the market.   They are priced and designed for that point-of-sale retail store, perfect for gas stations and mini-marts.   From a marketing perspective, the package look and design is great along with an excellent price.   But ultimately the smoker wants an ecig which is going to perform and taste great.   This is where the Metro ecig unfortunately fell short.   There was really nothing about the performance or quality of this ecig that would separate it from any other ecig.   Battery life and cartridge flavor/nicotine hit are two very strong factors in a good ecig, but Metro scored weak in those categories.

For a quick emergency smoke the Metro will probably do the trick for you.   It fits with the point of sale marketing they have in the gas stations.  But if you are looking for an ecig for long-term use, the Metro seems a bit too generic.  In comparison to what other brands offer, you will find a much better vaping experience if you spend a little more money on something else.   Sorry Metro!

Metro eCigs Battery Details & Life

Metro was easy to use and to charge.  But I was disappointed in the vapor production and flavor.   I also had to recharge the batteries more than expected.   If you need an ecig in a pinch its fine, but long term use would be frustrating with the batteries always running down fast.

Michelle Panelist

metro battery reviewMetro batteries are as thick as a regular cigarette. They are a bit heavier, of course, but size-wise, these are almost the same size. You’ll get about two or three hours worth of use out of the Metro electronic cigarette when it is at full charge. This is on the lower scale of many other ecigs we have tested over the years.  

While we were impressed by the packaging and feel of the product, the battery performance was about the same as your average generic ecig.

Being such a let down we decided to purchase another pack to rule out the unlucky chance we bought a defect the first time around.   But the end results were the same, below average for longevity.   It worked like your basic grade mass produced ecig battery used by many smaller name ecig companies.

Metro eCigs Warranty & Support

Warranty is one of the only areas that the Metro ecig had scored above average.   If you order from their online store you will be covered with a “Limited Lifetime Warranty” meaning they will cover defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for life of the product.  (excluding consumables/cartridges of course).  The warranty only covers exchange, they do not offer refunds.

To start the return process you have to email them to get approval and a RMA number.

Once you receive a RMA number, you mail back the damaged items to their processing facility:
Nicotec, LLC
5958 Broadway
Denver CO 80216

Upon receipt of the defective parts, Metro will then send you a confirmation email indicating receipt of same, and their email to you will include an estimated time of delivery of your replacement Metro product and/or components.

Monday-Friday 6:30am to 5pm MST
Toll free number: (888) 642-6835

Warranty support for purchases made at a retail point of sale is unknown.   When we tried to return the 1st unit back to the store for possible defective batteries the store said we should contact Metro.   The Metro site says the warranty only covers items bought through their online store.  Ultimately it may be up to the store owner if they want to refund or exchange a damaged kit.   You never know how long that ecig kit sat on the shelf while the cartridges lost some of their flavor and the battery degraded over time.   If you want the warranty, it is best to purchase online to be safe.

Metro has the standard “Lifetime Warranty” offered by the better ecig brands.  For a warranty claim you will have to obtain a RMA number and return the defective items for exchange which is typical across the industry.  They were helpful on the phone with my questions.

Devon Panelist

Metro Nicotine Cartridge Flavors & Taste Review

The cartridges screwed on easily and I liked the way they were sealed in the packaging.   I only wish the flavor was stronger and vapor was thicker.   Even the menthol seemed a bit flat tasting.

Denise Panelist

Metro offers two flavors for their ecig cartridges, Traditional Tobacco and Menthol.   Available in three different strengths ranging from 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and a zero nicotine cartridge.  

Our 1st kit included the 1.8% traditional tobacco flavor cartridge.  The cartridges have a flex cap on each end which nicely seals the cartridge.  This was a nice touch to see and would certainly help preserve the quality of the ecig cartridges.   The overall flavor of the traditional tobacco cartridge was average.   While it tasted just fine, there was nothing really notable to make the cartridge stand out.   The vapor production seemed low which we at first thought it was possibly a defective battery.

Our 2nd kit included the 1.8% Menthol cartridge.   We purchased this kit because we wanted to rule out the possibility of a bad battery crushing the entire review.   It was disappointing to find out that the Menthol cartridge fell in the average spot for flavor and below average for vapor production.

It is very hard to determine if this was caused by a battery issue not providing enough power to the atomizer to vaporize the eLiquid in the cartridges, or perhaps the cartridges just don’t have a good supply of eLiquid to vaporize.   Given the batteries did not seem to stay charged long we can only speculate they are the culprit in the low flavor & vapor production.

Metro eCigs Price and Value Review

metro menthol ecig reviewMetro ecigs offers their basic starting kit at $19.99.   The kit includes a case, one battery, two cartridges and a USB charger.   Replacement cartridges cost around $3.33 each (3pk for $9.99), or you can opt for the bulk package of 36 cartridges for $99.99 at $2.77 each.

With the battery & cartridge flavor/vapor issue already plaguing the review it was also unfortunate that Metro cannot shine on prices either.   For being so generic across the board we had expected really competitive prices.   

If you look at the competition, taking Krave ecigs for example, almost the same kit (without a fancy case) costs $10.95 and the cartridges run $1.98 each (3pk for $5.95). 

While we hate to put a product down on so many levels, we do give honest reviews even when it hurts.   We cannot endorse Metro ecigs as being a great deal, not even for the price.   For a quick emergency smoke versus a tobacco cigarette, YES…but not for anyone who wants a reliable and great tasting ecig that will last.   Metro is high priced and does not provide the quality you would expect for the money.

I had hoped for more from Metro ecigs from being in so many stores.  This was your typical quickie-retail counter product for a fast sale.  There was nothing notably impressive with the unit, or the price for that matter.   Quite a shame because if the quality was there they would have quite a market with the placement in those 15,000+ stores.

Eric Panelist