When looking for a vaping device one must consider many things.   Every smoker is different in what they need, desire and like when it comes to smoking.   Just as a traditional cigarette smoker will prefer a specific brand cigarette, the world of vaping and electronic cigarettes is no different.   In fact, there are even more options and things to consider when looking to purchase one.    So as you read tons of reviews online about how great any electronic eCig is, keep that in mind.   What is good for one person may not be what you are personally looking for in design or specifications.

When you smoke a tobacco cigarette you are basically forced to smoke the entire cigarette in one sitting because its already lit you keep hitting it until its gone to not waste it.   How many times have you reached for the ashtray to find half your cigarette already turned to ash because it sat for a minute?   You have a TON of waste that goes up in smoke!    In fact, smokers that smoke a pack a day actually only inhale about 2/3 or even 1/2 of the smoke produced by the cigarette.    Compared to an electronic cigarette, you only use the device when you need it.  There is no waste and you don’t have to take 20 puffs per session.   You will find that using an electronic cigarette will result in less “hits” to get that same nicotine satisfaction.

Overall you will probably try several different ecigs before you really settle in on a specific type or brand.   The question you should really be asking is what kind of vaping experience do you want.  That will lead you to look at the correct device type.  

v2-battery reviewCIGARETTE STYLE/SIZE:
If you are looking for an experience that is the most similar to regular cigarettes, you may try a disposable model or ecig, that is close to the same size as a regular cigarette.   You are able to carry several ecigs and charged batteries around with you because they do not weigh much.   The drawback is the battery life is typically about 200-400 puffs (being equivalent to about 1-2 packs of cigarettes).  They are a little heavier than a regular cigarette, but you are still able to hold one in your mouth comfortably without having to hold it while using.   On the good side, the batteries do charge pretty fast and some companies offer portable chargers that actually work as a nice carrying case while also charging while on the go.   For the pack a day smoker, a standard starter kit along with a few spare batteries should suffice provided you always keep one battery on charge and swap the dead ones out.   Maintenance level…LOW!

Vapor 4 Life - Auto Vapor Zeus KitPEN STYLE:
Other devices, like vape “pens” are a little larger but boast a much longer battery life, more nicotine storage and usually much better vapor production than a smaller ecig.   So if you are a heavy smoker a vape pen is going to provide you a better experience, but at the cost of a little larger of a device to carry around.   Typically these types of electronic cigarettes have tanks and tips which you can interchange.  That makes it really convenient if you like a few different flavors you can simply change the tanker/cartridge without contaminating flavors.   Since they have larger batteries they last longer, but also take longer to charge.   Many of the pen style ecigs have a pass-through charger which allows you to vape while also charging the pen, provided you have a power source nearby.   A fully charged vape pen can last for days, or even weeks depending on your overall use of the device.   Maintenance level…LOW / MEDIUM.

Joyetech eVic Vtwo Mini Box Mod

There are also what’s called “mod boxes” which are basically the powerhouses of the vaping community.   Super large batteries, large tanks for nicotine/flavor, temperature controls and a load of other features which brings vaping into a science and boastful competition who can generate the most vapor.   Like who’s truck has the largest tires and lift kit, box mods are the extreme when it comes to vaping.   Do you need one…not really, but if properly used these units are super cool to smoke with astonishing flavor control because of temperature / voltage settings.  For instance certain flavors, or PG/VG combinations are better on lower/higher settings.  Or the throat ‘hit’ from the eLiquid is more mellow, or stronger, depending on your voltage setting.  There is a real art/science to it which leads to knowing about coils, voltages and how to use things together for a perfect vaping experience.   The maintenance level is typically HIGH on box mods in comparison and not for the 1st time shopper looking to start vaping.