By switching to an electronic vapor cigarette system, you will be joining millions of other smokers who have also given up traditional cigarettes for this modern smoking alternative. E-cigs are also much less expensive than all the cigarette brands being smoked today. In fact, electronic cigarette smokers have not only saved tons of money, they have also quit inhaling thousands of harmful toxins found in traditional cigarette smoke.  

On average, a pack-a-day smoker can save over $1000 per year by switching to an electronic cigarette.   In addition to the cost savings there are many other positive reasons to give an electronic cigarette a try:

• No More Bad / Smoker’s Breath & Yellowing of Teeth
• No More Offensive Smoke
• No Ash, No Fire, No Flame!
• Cheaper than Cigarettes
• No Smelly Cigarette Butts
• You can smoke (vape) almost anywhere you like!
• They are friendlier to the environment because you are not putting thousands of cigarette butts in the trash every year
• Available in a variety of nicotine strengths that you control, not the cigarette manufacturers.
• You can vape any flavor you desire because the eLiquids come in hundreds of different flavor combinations including just plain tobacco and menthol.

Buying an electronic cigarette for your friend or loved one makes a great gift. Smokers have heard it for years to quit smoking because of the health hazards to them and everyone around them. Now you can take the first step for them and buy them a starter kit to try. There is much more chance of success of not using tobacco again with electronic cigarettes versus quitting cold turkey with the nicotine patch, disgusting nicotine chewing gum, or the mind altering pills. Part of smoking cigarettes is the mental habit of holding one and the inhale. Vapor cigarettes satisfy both the mental and physical dependencies associated with regular tobacco smoking. Millions of smokers have make the switch and will never go back to tobacco.