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If you are looking for a new electronic cigarette or vaporizer you have come to the right place!   VaporCigarettes.com offers the top brand ecigs, vapor pens, box mods and dry leaf vaporizers available on the market plus reviews, ecig news and more!

Who We Are

VaporCigarettes.com opened its virtual doors online in 2009, right around the time that electronic cigarettes started to hit the US marketplace.   With cigarette prices increasing from $1.69 in 1993 to over $14 a pack in New York this new technology to deliver a sensation similar to smoking at under $1 pack was absolutely intriguing.

In a matter of a couple years the marketplace was quickly flooded with hundreds of vapor cigarette brands and options.   With any new product its not long before imitation and low-quality knock-offs enter the market to undercut the quality brands.   Now you can find ecigs in practically every gas station made for that ‘quick fix’ but certainly not built for long term use or quality in most cases.  

Quite often someone looking to switch to a vapor cigarette will opt for an inexpensive off-brand just to test one out.  Only to have a poor experience due to poor batteries, leaky cartridges, cheap flavor and other issues which still to this day plague smokers trying an ecig for the first time. 

It became apparent that cigarette smokers were going to need some help deciding on what brand ecig to buy.   After all, they almost all look the same and how many features can you really pack into a vapor cigarette?  It really comes down to price, quality, flavor, warranty and customer service.   For answers to those questions you really have to experience the product yourself, or rely on good honest reviews.  To help smokers find an ecig that would offer them quality, flavor and an easy transition to a vapor cigarette we decided to start reviewing the different brands.  A group smokers was put together, now our  “ecig review panelists”, and VaporCigarettes.com was born!

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Our website contains a mix of electronic cigarette products of which several have been reviewed by our panel of ecig testers.   We also list many reputable products, articles and other useful information and our personal opinions quite often on the industry.   With marijuana being legal in many states we are also going to start reviewing and listing vaporizers.  

We thank you for visiting our site and hope that you will find it to be informative and helpful!  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about the site! 


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