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Volcano Magma eCig Review

Volcano Magma eCig Review

Headquartered in Hawaii, the Volcano eCig company has experienced incredible growth due to their quality eCig line. With a proven track record of releasing quality products since 1999 and providing exceptional customer service, the company has built a reputation that a consumer can count on.  Volcano has a solid reputation for a large range of high quality, tasty e-liquid flavors for every palate and preference. They do a great job of catering to almost every level of vaper from the beginner to the hardcore variable-voltage addicts out there as well.  This review is on their Volcano Magma which is their entry-level ecig.

Review Overview:

The Volcano Magma ecig is the perfect choice for smokers that typically smoke a half-pack a day or less.  The Magma mimics the look and feel of a tobacco cigarette, which makes it that much easier to switch from tobacco to an ecig. With its top-performing battery life, great flavors and retooled cartomizers/cartridges, the Magma is a very enjoyable ecig to smoke.  The Magma e-cigarette is just slightly longer than a traditional cigarette so the transition to an ecig from a tobacco cigarette is less noticeable. It uses a tank system to keep the heating coil fed with e-liquid.  While tank systems are for the more experienced ecig smoker, it suits the Volcano Magma system very well and is not complicated to use.

Some of the key features of the Volcano Electronic Cigarette are:

tasty ecig flavorsThe Magma Starter Kit comes with plenty of accessories and is for a slightly more committed vaper production than other brands. It is also styled more along the lines of a traditional cigarette which makes it great for those switching to an ecig for the first time.  It toes the line well between portability and power making this perfect for demanding smokers on the go.  The cartridge tanks provided are easy to refill and can provide enough liquid for about 10 cigarettes worth.
Photo of ecig battery qualityVolcano e-cigarette batteries offer the latest in Lithium-Ion technology. Providing all the necessary power as well as the signature glow for a unique smoking experience, they will double as an alert system, letting you know when your e-cigarette battery needs to be recharged.  Volcano batteries can be charged on the go – This is a great feature because ecig batteries do not last long between charges.  Typically you can get about 4-5 hours heavy use between charges or 160 puffs.

Great ecig flavorWhile Volcano’s flavors have always been excellent, the fact that they now use cartomizers makes changing flavors really simple and easy with no flavor ‘hangover’ in-between whatsoever.   When you change a cartridge there is no leftover flavor from the prior cartridge.  A standard bottle of their V-liquid costs around $13 each and lasts about as long as a regular carton of cigarettes, which is much less than regular cigarettes.


ecig quality control checkVolcano offers a 1 year limited warranty from the date of purchase against defects in workmanship and materials for most of their products and accessories (excluding consumables).  Customer satisfaction is their top priority and to further ensure that you are satisfied with Volcano, they do offer a limited warranty against any and all manufacturing defects.
Phone support for ecig Volcano offers phone support and also online chat/ticket support.  Volcano also has a FAQ section on their website which covers many common questions about their products.  
ecig weightThe Volcano Magma ecig weighs about the same as other ecigs on the market.   The cartridge and battery combined is slightly larger in size than a regular tobacco cigarette.  While it is a little heavier than a tobacco cigarette, each cartridge refill is equivalent to about a 1/2 pack to full pack of cigarettes.


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Customer Support:
The support staff at Volcano is attentive and helpful.  Being a company based in the USA, you can be assured that support hours are convenient to your schedule.  You may reach Volcano support via phone, email, chat or their support ticket system.   There have been several complaints on the net about slow support, but our experience with their support staff was better than most.

Phone Support: 1-866-866-6370

Nicotine Cartridges:
The thick vapor created from Volcano’s e-liquid is mainly made up of nicotine, USP grade propylene glycol and glycerin, natural and artificial flavors.  You can choose your preferred flavor and nicotine strength of liquid.  This vapor is far from tobacco smoke that contains more than 4,000 toxic substances.  In terms of vapor production, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of vapor and nice hit from the start.

There are pre-filled cartridges you can purchase, but blank cartridges are also offered in case you want to extend your money’s value by refilling it on your own with other flavor varieties.  E-liquids from Volcano Fine Company are mixed from US-made ingredients.

There are more than 34 flavors to select and here are just a few of them:

Tobacco Pure – The purest tobacco flavoring derived from tobacco leaves.
Red Wings – Said to give you the wings to fly. This flavor represents a pop energy drink that will make you soar high and yearn for more.
RY Four –  The classic tobacco mix with caramel and vanilla.
Shakka Strawberry –  The flavor you will love for its mix of strawberry, chocolate and whip cream.
Surfer Soda – A refreshing surfing-vaping experience through its representation of the Coca Cola drink.  You could even mix it with the Cherry Lava for a more exciting flavor.
Vanilla Bean – The Sweetness and creaminess of real vanilla.
Waikiki Watermelon – A new flavor from Volcano Fine electronic cigarettes and will make your mouth salivating with the luscious taste of watermelon.
Sweet Tart – Can you say CANDY?!  This treat offers the sweet taste of candy.
Kawika Kiwi –  Do you like Kiwi? I like kiwi!  It’s the flavor to get is you like something tangy and sweet.
Pele’s Papaya – This flavor will surely make you recreate the taste of Papaya as you vape.
Lahaina Lychee – Boasting the flavor of the tropical fruit in earthy and sweet tones.


Battery Performance:
volcano magma ecig
Volcano eCigs offers various kinds of batteries in its lineup of products.  Each battery type has its specific mAH rating or capacity and performance.  Choose batteries according to your preference, smoking needs and style.  Volcano batteries when fully charged can last about 30-60 minutes of non-stop use.  Magma batteries can last 60-120 minutes if used non-stop. Inferno 650mAH batteries can be used 2-4 hours continuously; Inferno 1000 mAH can be used 4-6 hours without stop.  Lavatube battery has variable voltage ratings, but a conservative estimate is 6-8 hours of use.

You will know that it is time to recharge the batteries if the LED light on Volcano and Magma devices is repeatedly blinking.  If you attempt to inhale, no vapor will be produced if the battery is already low. For the Inferno device, the light inside the button will become red from white if the battery has been depleted to 10% of its charge and thus will need to be recharged.  The Lavatube offers voltage checker for the battery for convenient voltage capacity rating. If it is already 3.6 volts, it is time to recharge it.


The Volcano Magma Kit offers a 2-piece design that looks and feels like a traditional tobacco cigarette, thus, making it easier for a smoker to switch to vaping.   This is a good entry level eCig kit which is good for the cigarette smoker who currently smokes under a pack a day.   If you are a heavy smoker (more than a pack a day) then consider either a larger system or a few additional batteries to handle your smoking demand.  Otherwise you will be craving a smoke while your batteries are charging.  With the eLiquid ingredients being USA made, you are assured a higher level of safety than with other ecig brands.   The on-the-go charging pack is a very nice feature to charge a battery while in your pocket or purse.

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The Volcano brand Magma ecig starter kit
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