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StarFire Vapor Cigarette E-Cig Review

The StarFire Vapor Cigarette System:

We had the pleasure of trying out the StarFire electronic vapor cigarette in

2012.   Its a relatively new brand that hit the market that has been

receiving good reviews on the Internet.

They have a nice selection of nine different eCig cartridge flavors in the standard High, Medium, Low and Zero nicotine levels.   All Starfire eCigs vapor fluid is made with American made vegetable glycerin versus “PG” (propylene glycol) found in almost all other eCig cartridges.  While there are no known health concerns pertaining to propylene glycol which is used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other stuff we consume everyday, the use of a vegetable glycerin is a more natural approach that many would appreciate, especially if you a vegan who smokes. Aside from the signature diamond-like tip on all Starfire Cigs, the Starfire Cigs Personal Carrying Case doubles as both a carrying case and battery charge that allows you can charge your Starfire Cigs on the go.     StarFire starter kits include everything you need to start enjoying the modern way to smoke.   The starter eCig kit includes two batteries, five cartridges, a charger and the special portable charging case which is competitively priced.   One of the things we liked about this brand is the jeweled tip.   You have your choice of either a red or blue tip that lights when you smoke your eCig.   When you smoke a StarFire electronic vapor cigarette people around you will see the unique colored tip and will not confuse you with someone smoking tobacco illegally in their bar/restaurant.   Some of the eCig brands have mimic the orange glowing tip of a real cigarette which can lead to constant dirty looks and harassment by the folks enforcing the no-smoking zones. The Personal Charger Case (PCC) is designed to look like a cigarette pack.  This deluxe carrying case will conveniently charge your Starfire batteries wherever you go and carry up to six flavor cartridges.  At practically the size of a regular pack of cigarettes, this case is one of the best accessories an eCig smoker needs!   It also comes in black or white. StarFire nicotine cartridges last about 275 puffs.   That is slightly more than what a traditional pack of cigarettes will last the everyday smoker.   Where you will realize even more savings is you will take a few puffs on the StarFire eCig and not have the need to keep puffing on it like a traditional cigarette.   The nicotine delivery is smooth and satisfying.   During our review one panelist who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day used a single cartridge for a little over 2 days.   Results will vary depending on your smoking habits, but the cartridges seem to deliver as stated on their website. In addition to the typical tobacco and menthol cartridge flavors, StarFire eCig cartridges also come in  turkish tobacco, vanilla, cherry, coffee, appletini, watermelon, and peach.  A total of 9 different flavor selections to choose from in strong, medium, and zero nicotine levels.   The watermelon flavor was quite interesting, but our favorite flavors were the vanilla and the peach.   You too are sure to find a favorite flavor among the selection at StarFire. The folks at StarFire have a LIVE CHAT available on their website.   In our experience they are easy to reach for questions and support.   Being highly accredited by the BBB, you can have confidence in buying from the StarFire Electronic Vapor Cigarette company. Please stop by the StarFire eCig website and look at their selection of electronic cigarettes and accessories.   We are sure you will enjoy the quality of this brand! CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE STARFIRE WEBSITE
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CLICK HERE StarFire electronic vapor cigarette starter kit. The StarFire eCig portable charging case is a great device. StarFire eCig batteries come with a blue tip, or red. StarFire has nine quality eCig cartridge flavors available. Once the StarFire charging pack is charged, it can charge your eCig several times while on the go. StarFire eCig batteries come in both white and black. StarFire electronic vapor cigarette starter kit.
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