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KRAVE Electronic Vapor Cigarette Review

The Krave electronic vapor cigarette is a revolutionary, innovative device which

offers those who already smoke a better smoking alternative to traditional tobacco


The Krave eCig utilizes a 2-part system consisting of a rechargeable, battery- operated heating element, a replaceable cartridge that may contain nicotine or other solutions with an atomizer  that, when heated, converts the contents of the cartridge into a vapor.   Because eCigs do not contain tobacco and there is no secondhand smoke, one has the freedom to "smoke" virtually anywhere - without the flame, ash, tar, or carbon monoxide found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Krave manufactures both a rechargable eCig and a disposable version.   The disposables are great if you a social smoker and don’t want to bother with cartridges or charging your eCig.  The Krave electronic cigarette system is a no-frills eCig.  You get what you need to smoke right away without a bunch of hype or unneeded accessories.   For their rechargeable eCigs they offer 2 different cartridge flavors (Tobacco and Menthol) available in High, Medium, Low and Zero nicotine versions. The Krave eCig system is a low cost electronic cigarette kit which is perfect for those wanting to try an eCig without breaking the bank. Where the brand really shines is with their disposable eCigs.   The Krave disposable eCigs are available in many different flavors and styles.  In fact, they have a special “Inked” edition just to add some style to your vapor cigarette. Typically a smoker will get 7-10 puffs per traditional cigarette, or about 140-200 puffs per pack.   The Krave disposable electronic vapor cigarettes last about 300 puffs at a price of around $10.   Its a little more economical than traditional cigarettes, but you will find that just a few puffs on a Krave eCig will satisfy you better than smoking an entire tobacco cigarette.  The 300 puffs actually lasts your pack-a-day smoker a couple of days. For real value they have the Krave 500 Disposable which for $2 more lasts 500 puffs! If you are a smoker always on the go and don’t want to mess around with chargers or eCig cartridges, then we highly recommend giving the KRAVE disposable electronic vapor cigarette a try.   It is a great way to start the switch into an eCig system without all the hassle of accessories and charging batteries.    They are great for in the office, or the emergency smoke break at work because they have no odor or secondhand smoke. Stop by the KRAVE Electronic Vapor cigarette website and take a look at what they have to offer.  They have one of the best disposable eCigs on the market! CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE KRAVE WEBSITE
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CLICK HERE The KRAVE electronic vapor cigarette system. Krave eCigs come in a variety of different flavors and nicotine levels. Krave eCig cartridges have the atomizer built into each cartridge. The new KRAVE disposable eCig systems come in menthol and regular tobacco flavor. The KRAVE Inked edition electronic vapor cigarettes. Krave eCigs are as much stylish as they are economical to use versus regular cigarettes.
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