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Are Electronic Vapor Cigarettes Healthy Cigarettes?

Less Toxins:

Many smokers will find that electronic cigarettes, or eCigs, are an incredible way to quit smoking tobacco.   With electronic vapor cigarettes you are taking the first step of not inhaling harmful tobacco smoke and the thousands of deadly toxins found in burnt tobacco.  No more secondhand smoke, no ashes or that gross smokers breath that non- smokers notice on a first date!   There are many claims online and in commercials that electronic cigarettes are healthy or good for you.   Such statements cannot be made about a product which has not undergone full testing by the FDA and was endorsed as such.  Keeping that in mind, there is not one electronic cigarette company (as of yet) that can claim that their ecig is healthy.   However common sense tells you that any reduction in toxin inhalation would certainly be an beneficial improvement when smoking.  Then why do some companies claim their ecig is a “healthy” alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes?   Because electronic cigarettes do not contain the thousands of hazardous toxins that traditional cigarette smoke contains, it is claimed by many ecig manufactures that electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to smoking tobacco.  It is a fact that electronic cigarettes do not have the same amount of toxins.   Nothing is actually being burnt and the 3000+ toxins have been virtually eliminated to simply some flavoring, stabilizers, PG, and some nicotine. That is like breathing outside air versus car exhaust fumes!  Wouldn’t you take outside air (which still has some pollution) over a car exhaust? However because there is no health benefit to smoking, and you are still inhaling nicotine, the FDA will never consider eCig smoking a “healthy” practice, even if there are 3000+ less toxins in every puff.  Such products will never be allowed to be considered a “healthy alternative” because there is no health benefit to smoking PERIOD!  It is only a reduction of risk from what folks smoked before.  It would be like the FDA stating that “light” cigarettes are a healthy alternative to “full flavored”.  They would never make such a statement! As an adult smoker wanting to both save money and reduce the toxins you inhale when smoking, you can make your own decision on what to smoke without the government nanny.   One would think the American Lung Association would be happy about such a product.  Finally people are not inhaling smoke loaded with 3000+ toxins!  However their response to an email: "yes there are fewer chemicals but your body is still being exposed to chemicals that should not be in your system. Nicotine can also cause the body harm, so yes many of the products do contain nicotine, but used correctly a person uses the products to wean down their nicotine level so they can completely get rid of it. Many people are using the e- cigs as an alternative to smoking the regular cigs thinking that it will not harm them and have no intention of quitting, just switching." So, while the ALA admitted that electronic cigarettes contain fewer chemicals than tobacco cigarettes, they refuse to acknowledge the obvious health benefit that lack of the most toxic chemicals provides to the smokers who switch. Are lives and lung health the real issue here or is nicotine addiction? (source) Nicotine is found in many foods we eat everyday!  Tomatoes, Potatoes, Eggplant, Tea, Peppers, and even Cauliflower (source).   The statement that nicotine would not normally be someones system is actually quite incorrect because many non-smokers have nicotine in their system from just eating a few simple foods on a regular basis. More than 1 million smokers are now using electronic cigarettes around the world. Cigarette smoking remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States today. Any alternative acceptable to addicted smokers should be taken seriously, especially when it reduces the inhaled toxin levels so dramatically over regular smoking. The image belows shows just a FEW of the hazardous chemicals related to smoking tobacco. Ecigs do not burn tobacco, nor release the thousands of bad toxins/chemicals into your body! Is it safer to smoke a device that delivers nicotine like a tobacco cigarette, but without the 3000+ toxins associated with burning tobacco?   Its not rocket science...its politics & tax revenue.   If you are ready to experience the modern way to smoke, please click on the various electronic cigarettes offered on our website.   They all have excellent reviews by everyday consumers and our staff.  Our website focuses on some of the best electronic cigarettes available based on quality, price and features. If you are a traditional cigarette smoker then it’s time to consider the cost savings and benefits of switching to a vapor cigarette.

A study by the Boston University of Public Health reports that “electronic cigarettes are a

promising tool to help smokers quit.”  Click the article below to read all about it.

Please note that electronic cigarettes are not currently FDA approved as a “smoking cessation device”.   The government relies on tobacco taxes (from all us smokers) to fund thousands of programs, roads, schools, salaries and other projects which are not even related to tobacco.  With the FDA being a government entity and a tax funded organization, one can clearly see the high potential for bad politics and the pressure involved if the FDA officially approved a device which would take away so much tax revenue.   It could take years for the FDA to study and realize that nicotine is already inhaled in traditional cigarettes.  That electronic cigarettes are merely a modern delivery system without the thousands of toxins inhaled with burning tobacco in a regular cigarette.  (and tobacco tax free as well).   Thankfully as adults we are still able to think and choose for ourselves if we want to try nicotine gum or the nicotine patch without needing a prescription to help quit smoking. Many traditional tobacco smokers have already benefited from electronic cigarettes and you may be the next.  Don’t let the cigarette manufacturers and the government politics keep you hooked on traditional high-taxed tobacco!
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