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Who We Are came to life on the Internet in 2009, right around the time eCigs started to hit the market in the USA.   As a cigarette smoker looking for alternatives to help quit smoking, these new devices were of high interest to me and many of my friends.   Quickly many ecig brands appeared on the market.  Many ecig brands were impressive looking and appeared to be a decent alternative to smoking tobacco.  But it was not long before there was a ton of low-grade import brands with poor batteries, leaky cartridges and other issues which still to this day plague smokers trying an ecig for the first time. It became apparent that cigarette smokers were going to need some help deciding on what brand ecig to buy.   After all, they almost all look the same and how many features can you really pack into an ecig?  It really comes down to price, quality, flavor, warranty and customer service.   For answers to those questions you really have to experience the product yourself, or rely on a good honest review.  To help smokers find an ecig that would offer them quality, flavor and an easy transition to a vapor cigarette we decided to start reviewing the different brands.  A group smokers was put together, now our  “ecig review panelists”, and was born!

The Best Vapor Cigarette?

The instant popularity of electronic vapor cigarettes has created a huge marketplace consisting of hundreds of electronic cigarette packages and options. It is not hard to find an electronic cigarette, but finding the best ecig can be hard with so many to choose from.  We will help you find the best ecig giving you a long term electronic smoking experience. Listed on our website you will find the top rated electronic vapor cigarette systems which we have thoroughly tested and used for an extended period of time.  Who better to test electronic cigarettes than a cigarette smoker, right!?  If you are a real cigarette smoker and want to switch to an electronic vapor cigarette, then you need to know which brand is going to hold up to daily use! There is nothing worse than craving a cigarette then finding your electronic vapor cigarette will not work. Once you make your switch to an electronic vapor cigarette you want to never go back to smoking regular tobacco. When you select a vapor cigarette from our website you are assured a quality vapor cigarette system backed by a good company that can supply nicotine cartridges for years to come. Our review panel tests each system for quality, flavor, and other factors to obtain an overall satisfaction rating. Then we list the electronic vapor cigarette systems we feel are the best on the market based on the brands we have tested.

Why buy an electronic cigarette?

By switching to an electronic vapor cigarette system, you will be joining millions of other smokers who have also given up traditional cigarettes for this modern smoking alternative.  E-cigs are also much less expensive than all the cigarette brands being smoked today. In fact, electronic cigarette smokers have not only saved tons of money, they have also quit inhaling thousands of harmful toxins found in traditional cigarette smoke! It is time you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes!  Whether you are trying to quit tobacco use, save money, or just wish that you could smoke in peace again without hassles, the electronic vapor cigarette has proven time and time again to be a modern solution! • No More Bad / Smoker’s Breath & Yellowing of Teeth • No More Offensive Smoke • No Ash, No Fire, No Flame! • Cheaper than Cigarettes • No Smelly Cigarette Butts • You can smoke (vape) almost anywhere you like! Every electronic cigarette listed on our site was thoroughly reviewed & tested for several weeks before being added to our vapor cigarettes website.  If you are looking for an electronic cigarette, rest assured all the brands listed here are top quality and are backed by strong supportive companies that believe in customer service after the sale.  Please click on each of the reviews to the right. In each section you will find more details and a link to the eCig brand website should you want to read more or buy a quality eCig starter kit.  Practically everyone who smokes cigarettes at some point wants an alternative to smoking. Many wish to quit smoking because of health concerns, high prices or just simply want a break from the constant restrictions due to the smoking bans. Electronic Cigarettes are the modern solution to a long time problem all tobacco smokers face every day!

Smoking Alternatives:

Electronic Vapor Cigarettes are a Great Alternative to High Priced Cigarettes, Anti-Smoking Drugs, or Nicotine Patches/Gum While electronic vapor cigarettes are not yet approved by the FDA as smoking cessation devices, many smokers have found them to be a very effective alternative to smoking dangerous cigarettes. Essentially you are still “smoking” and it will be a long political fight before the FDA is going to approve a smoking device as a “non-smoking” solution. Plus there is tremendous tax revenue generated from tobacco sales which adds political pressure to keep you smoking tobacco. As the smoking bans continue and less people smoke, the higher the taxes go up on cigarettes every year to compensate for the tax revenue money loss. Smokers continue to foot the bill for thousands of government programs unrelated to smoking. It’s time to break away from the high prices and the dangerous toxins in tobacco smoke and simply enjoy smoking again…the modern way!As an adult consumer you will find that electronic vapor cigarettes provide the nicotine that you desire, but without the thousands of dangerous toxins found in traditional tobacco cigarette smoke. Most people today are going for the electronic cigarette option because the electronic cigarettes have been tried and proven to help many smokers quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. There are thousands of reviews online from everyday people just like you who have switched to an electronic cigarette and found it much better than mind altering drugs like Chantix, Niccotine Gum, Nicotine Patches or other methods. In fact, the electronic cigarette not only satisfies your nicotine craving, it is the only device that almost exactly mimics the feel and the die-hard habit of putting a real cigarette in your mouth. It even looks like you are smoking except what you see is simply a vapor, hence the term vapor cigarette! The convenience of being able to smoke an e-cig where you cannot smoke a tobacco cigarette is a plus for any smoker now restricted to smoking outdoors. Many employers love the fact that their workers are not leaving their workspace for a smoke break. Because vapor cigarettes do not produce any secondhand smoke like traditional cigarettes, many employers allow them in the workplace. Say goodbye to standing in the rain or cold to smoke outdoors! With an electronic vapor cigarette you can smoke almost everywhere!

Electronic Vapor Cigarette Reviews

There are many online reviews supporting the electronic vapor cigarette option over traditional tobacco smoking. Many ex-tobacco smokers can attest to the fact that electronic vapor cigarettes help to eliminate habitual smoking in the long run. The problem with electronic vapor cigarettes is that the numerous brands being sold online makes it hard to tell which brands are actually quality vapor cigarettes. Not all electronic vapor cigarettes being sold online are safe and effective. You must therefore be careful buying when buying e-cigs because some don’t have the quality controls in place to produce a high-quality vapor cigarette system which will last. It is always better to buy recognized brands versus some knock off inexpensive electronic cigarette. If you are looking for a safe, effective and recognized e-cigarette brand today, please consider selecting one of the brands we tested and reviewed here on our website! We only list the electronic cigarettes that have proven to be quality products which will hold up to heavy everyday use.

How does a Vapor Cigarette work?

Electronic vapor cigarettes, also known as smokeless cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or e-cigs, are an alternative method of consuming nicotine found in burning tobacco cigarettes. Manufacturers often design vapor cigarettes to look like regular cigarettes, but they do NOT contain tobacco and don’t require a match, lighter — or any flame at all.A vapor cigarette is a battery-powered device that heats liquid nicotine into a mist, or vapor, that the user inhales. There’s no fire, no ash and no smoky smell. Vapor cigarettes do not contain all of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes, such as carbon dioxide and tar. There is no ash, cigarette butts or that terrible day-old burnt cigarette odor in your home, office, or car. Your hair and clothes will not smell like an ashtray either. Vapor eCig manufacturers and satisfied customers say the vapor e-cigarette is a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes, which cause millions of deaths every year. Some users say e-cigs has reduced helped or eliminated their “smoker’s cough,” sharpened their senses of taste and smell, and even improved their sleep. While everyone has different smoking habits, most who have made the switch to vapor cigarettes have stated they would never smoke tobacco again. Hundreds of companies are now selling e-cigarettes to customers around the world. But as vapor cigarette smoking (or “vaping” as it’s sometimes called) has grown in popularity, some have concerns about its safety, including the possibility that the vapor created by the devices contains dangerous chemicals. That is why its important to purchase a quality eCig system versus just any eCig you see advertised on TV or the internet. Vapor cigarette reviews are important and the vapor eCigs listed on our website have all been tested and used for weeks (or longer) before we allowed them on our website.Fans of e-cigarettes say they enjoy many of the same physical and mental sensations as tobacco smokers — holding the device in their hand, inhaling and exhaling. Many vapor cigarettes have a LED on the end that lights up when the user inhales, simulating a hot ash. Because these sensations satisfy the many habits with traditional cigarette smoking, the switch to smoking an eCig is very easy and more satisfying than wearing a nicotine patch or chewing nicotine gum.

Can e-Cigarettes help me quit smoking?

There is a very good chance you will find an electronic vapor cigarette to be a better alternative to smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes look similar to traditional cigarettes, but the experience is not necessarily the same because there is no real tobacco smoke, only nicotine and some flavoring. Some die-hard smokers will miss that ‘burnt’ taste of real smoke. But most eCig users find it unnecessary to take more than a puff or two an hour to maintain a comfortable level of nicotine as they quit smoking tobacco. Where you would smoke an entire cigarette (or waste much of it while it sits in the ashtray burning away) you would only hit the eCig when you want to take a puff. Like the nicotine patch or chewing gum, electronic cigarettes are used as a nicotine replacement tool. This means that you should decrease your use of traditional cigarettes as you gradually increase your use of the electronic cigarettes. You can also quit cold turkey and stick completely with electric cigarettes from the start. While the FDA has not approved vapor cigarettes as a smoking cessation device, thousands of smokers who have switched to electronic vapor cigarettes have claimed eCigs have helped them stop tobacco completely. Many switch to vapor cigarettes to save money, eliminate the next day stench/odor from smoking tobacco, or simply so they can smoke places where they cannot burn a tobacco cigarette. Whatever your reason for switching it is certainly better than smoking traditional tobacco. The main goal is to reduce your nicotine levels slowly once you have adapted to only smoking your vapor cigarette. If you have the willpower to reduce the nicotine levels over time to a zero nicotine cartridge then you can quit for good being both tobacco and nicotine free! The first step is getting completely away from tobacco! Thank You for visiting our website! Please stop back for more electronic vapor cigarette reviews, coupons and special deals exclusive to our site visitors!

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